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Bosana Foundation Charity organization from Los Angeles


Web design for charity

During the war in former Yugoslavia many children lost their parents, homes and families. Now it's time not to blame whose fault was it, but to find the way to help young people without families to discover beauty of life, to help them forget the tragedy they have been trough and focus to the future, education and employment. There are very few charity organization that are dedicated to improving life by delivering education, scholarships and livelihood development programs. One of them is Bosana Foundation.

Mrs. Senita Slipac, President of Bosana Foundation, hired our team to build a completely new web site for her organization that will stand out from the ocean of other charity organizations, bring more donors and donations, help children hear about their work and apply for scholarships and donations, but at the same time to look nice, fun and stylish. She asked for a wed page that will look neat and professional, sharp, readable and eye catching, and on the other side, a web site that will be easy to maintain and update. She also wanted to integrate news, press and events pages, along with Youtube video channel and Facebook. Based on her desire and requests, we designed a cute, nice little logo that shows exactly what their work is about and developed a stylish Word Press web site with modern design and highest W3C standards.

"Tom Palic Programming team designed our non-profit's most impressive logo and website. To this day, we get compliments from our donors because the website is so creative, informative, positive and also fun to browse. Most importantly, Tom and his grew were able to capture with their designs the true essence of our mission and our work that is not easy to achieve. I have a lot of experience with graphic designers to whom I had to give a lot of instructions and they would only do what I asked. Tom's team came to me with so many creative ideas and most importantly he never made me feel like I was asking for too much or that anything was impossible. For someone like me, who knows what she wants and time is of an essence, I could not have found a better fit. I highly appreciate their effort and I'm thankful for the donation in the form of website that Tom Palic Programming team made for us."

Senita Slipac,
President of Bosana Foundation

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