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Tom Palic Programming is a full service ICT development team of experienced senior developers and designers. We are committed to bringing your vision to actualization and executing your goals, turning your dreams into success. Within our Creativity, Knowledge and technology, we capture our clients attention to being proud of our work and make sure they have 100 % satisfaction with our products and services.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of ICT. Programming is one of the bases of our business and sets us above our competition. As a team of young ambitious and capable professionals we are able to cover a vast array of markets that range from Development of Business Infrastructures, Integration, Maintenance and more. Our in depth use of combinations of technologies along with a multidisciplinary approach to each project, makes for a better experience for our customers in multiple fields of Media. We provide the best solutions, optimized to perform at a level congruent with today's business environment.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles California, our Management team can provide face to face services for those customers that are local. For our customers who are located outside the U.S. or domestically we can still provide face to face service via Skype or land calls. Though our development team is located in Serbia, Eastern Europe, we always keep our work in house. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers provided with the best service with in the controlled environment of Tom Palic Programming. No one will be able to work for you like we will work for you.

Thank you very much for stopping by our web page. We hope this will be the start of a successful relationship between our team and yours. To find more about us and our work please turn to our Portfolio or you can simply search our Service list to find the one that is most suitable to you.

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